The Week: May 18th — 24th

Click here —> Photo of the Day, Etc to see the week of May 18th — 24th at a glance.

May 18th: Flying with the Cars —

May 19th: Stormy Monday Tuesday —

May 20th: On the Edge of Catnip —

May 21st: A silly selfie and construction —

May 22nd: Drivers on the Storm —

May 23rd: Dark kitties in the catnip —

May 24th: But it’s a morning in May —

15 thoughts on “The Week: May 18th — 24th

  1. I love trying to pick my weekly favorite (gives me an excuse to look at everything again). The first “Drivers on the Storm” image might have the most technical merit (not that i really know). It’s awe-inspiring and it got a nice Doors song playing in my head.
    But the ones of Guildenstern in the catnip and sunshine are true gems. I can smell the herbs and feel the sunshine in his fur. Holiday hugs to you and yours. 🙂

    • Technically speaking, the backlit roses are the the most difficult to get the exposure and color correct. Most of the photos in the Drivers on the Storm are “drive-bys” done through the windshield or out the side window, full-auto on the camera, mostly blind, and totally chance whether the camera focuses properly or has time to get a good exposure (a lot of drive-bys are not usable in the least). I take the best out of a set of drive-bys and fix the compositions and exposures the best I can while editing the raw files, because I can’t compose the images and make sure the exposure is correct while I’m driving.

  2. So many different ways light has played round your life this week – glorious roses (I swear I could actually smell them), shiny cats, storm-filled clouds and even a shadow person. And the building is coming on.

    • Thanks, Julia. Oh! Shadow people. We have real shadow people, shadow cats and ghosts that like to steal things. If you were here, you might be surprised to discover our roses don’t smell or their scents are very light. Laurie was just out smelling “Scentamental” known to be a very fragrant rose, and she said “…doesn’t smell, And it’s even humid!” It’s so dry out here, that even when we feel like it’s “humid” it’s too dry for the roses to give off their scents.

      • It’s hard to believe they don’t have heavy fragrances- I didn’t realise humidity affected that. And as for those shadow people who steal stuff, they live here too!

  3. Fourth of July… breathtaking! Wait a minute… it has become the my very favorite…. and took the place of last weeks beauty of a flower. Gorgeous!

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