Another Annoying Cat Photo


Another blogger asked for input on what annoys people. One person said people who post photos of cats on their blogs. So here is another annoying photo of a cat in my long tradition of being annoying and posting photos of cats on my blog. This particularly annoying photo is of Laurie carrying Guildenstern around the garden.

42 thoughts on “Another Annoying Cat Photo

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. 😉 I was going to post a photo of Paco tomorrow for his 13th birthday. I guess I’ll rethink that. Just kidding, just kidding…
    And, you already know how much I love Guildenstern!

    • Nah! Guildenstern was having a great time. He loves being carried around the garden. On the other hand, Laurie was probably annoyed by Guildenstern clawing her back and pushing her hat off.

    • He was 22 pounds at one time, then he lost a lot of weight, which turned out to be hyperthyroid. He’s been on thyroid meds for about 8 months, and it looks like we finally have them adjusted. He’s back up to almost 16 pounds.

  2. This is Fashion Style Photograpg! So beautiful, so beautiful… You are all great team but The Guildenstern is the best 🙂 Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, love, (kisses to Him : ) ) nia

  3. ‘…One person said people who post photos of cats on their blogs…’
    Oh no! Guess I’m in the wrong business… Great shot, Timothy!

    • As Laurie was saying, of the blogs I follow Hands on Bowie and Cats at the Bar are her favorites. All I have to say to people who find photos of cats annoying is to not look at them.

  4. I think that one person might be the problem… I happen to find kitty photos fabulous – not annoying! Of course, I plan on being a “crazy cat lady” when I get a little older, so my I might be biased! Beautiful cat, by the way 🙂

  5. UM who cares what someone that makes stupid comments like that thinks! I love your cat photos! I think you should post more and more! In fact you should devote an entire page and post one photo everyday! You could call it My annoying cat photos gosh that is a great idea! If I had a cat I would do it! I would even maybe dress the cat up in clothes! Kidding. I have a friend that does that. I think it is wonderful! OK I had to give my two cents!

  6. And I was going to post a really annoying photo of Callie in the next few days. Think I will anyway. She was just too cute yesterday. 😉 Hope Guildenstern is doing well. We had a hyperthyroid cat who did well on meds for several years. She lived to be 18.

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