16 thoughts on “From Days of Old

    • Yes! I remember you mentioning that. Well then, you can get on 66 and head west for a long drive to Kurt’s 😉 Oh! and BTW when you come through the Canyon make sure you get off I-40 onto old 66 so you can drive over the rumble strip that plays America the Beautiful 🙂

  1. It’s interesting looking back at technology and how it has changed! There have been so many over the years, all building on the work of others. I remember my father was fascinated by a sci fi story in one of those old pulp magazines about an astronaut who was capable of time travel, and would visit earth every so often to see how civilization was progressing. These days, looking about, I am hoping for real progress, and that the world is not headed for the abyss due to our hubris as a species.

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