Cardinal Points

Eight frame grid panorama Looking to the west

Panoramic landscapes from the Bernardo Wildlife Management Area looking west, south, east and north by northeast.

Three frame panorama looking south at the Socorro Mountains.
Four frame panorama looking to the east.
Two frame panorama looking north by northeast at the Manzano Mountains.


12 thoughts on “Cardinal Points

    • Thanks, Susan! You had commented on FB about how we have similar equipment and lenses, but our go to lenses are different. I mentioned that I thought it had to do with person styles and the way we see the world through our viewfinders. The panoramas are another style preference and difference, as I often stitch several frames together taken with a telephoto lens as apposed to using my wide-angle lens. Creating a panorama from images done with the telephoto lens to me looks more “normal” as compared to the distortion and exaggerated perspective of a wide-angle lens. But then again, there’s a bit of laziness on my part since it’s often easier to take the frames for a panorama with the telephoto lens than to dig out the camera with the wide-angle lens! 🙂

      • I understand. I haven’t posted many images of Quarai yet, but I have certainly spent some time working on the distortion the wider angle lens created. And, it certainly shows up in those structural images!!!!!
        It is fun to see how we got to the same places and end up with totally different views! Which, to me, makes it so good! 🙂

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