Blooms Under The Eclipse

Between shots of the solar eclipse yesterday afternoon, I photographed the cactus and wild flowers that were blooming around where I set up to photograph the eclipse. All the cactus were low, and pear shaped, so I’ve labelled the photos as “prickly pear” and the color of their flowers, but I can’t swear they are all truly prickly pear. We are planning on going back out to this area this weekend, because there were a lot more varieties of cacti and wild flowers preparing to bloom. The landscape was surprisingly green considering how dry it’s been.

5 thoughts on “Blooms Under The Eclipse

  1. These are wonderful. I’m glad you are going back. I think there was something magical for all of us about observing the eclipse, and we may be forever tied in some way to the place we were and the people we were with Sunday afternoon/evening. Your beautiful desert flowers are part of that magical day also. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Glad to hear you’re going back to the eclipse site. We so enjoyed going out there with you and Laur–I thought the scenery was every bit as spectacular as the eclipse–and when you combine the scenery with the eclipse and add the drums and flutes, it was a special day. I liked Susan’s comment that we’ll all remember for a long time where we were during the eclipse. Thanks for the special day.

  3. The eclipse was very special and an awesome moment. It was perfectly quiet in our backyard; all the birds were silent. I love the beautiful cactus flowers. I found some in our backyard today and took a few shots too.

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