Mutant Peace

The nurse had to give me a double roto-rooter before he got blood return from both sides of my port this morning.  At least he didn’t make me do a song and dance before he ordered two rounds of Cathflo. After injecting a syringe of saline solution into each port, pulling back on the syringe and the port simply sucking the stopper back to the top of the syringe, he said “There’s no way! We gotta do a roto-rooter!” If my PET scan at the end of June is good, I’m going to ask the doctor if I can have the port removed. If port maintenance is going to now require double-rounds of Cathflo each month, the Cathflo will start cutting into my cash flow as it more than triples the cost of a port flush.

Mutant Peace is putting out some pretty nice first blooms this year. We call it mutant Peace because it grows 20 foot long canes, and didn’t boom for the first two years after we planted it. The third year I pruned it down to where all the canes were about 2 feet (pruning back a third is considered hard pruning), and figured if it killed it, tough, and then threatened it with shovel pruning if it didn’t bloom after my radical pruning. It has bloomed every year since, but it still puts on 20 feet long canes.

We are seeing a lot of ladybug larva, which is good since we have lots of aphids. Laurie mentioned that she heard someone say that ladybugs were nice because they don’t bite. That person obviously had not had much experience with ladybugs. They do bite and one landed on my arm Sunday morning and started chewing on me. It was too close for the lens I had to focus on it, and by the time I walked over to Laurie to give her the camera, the little nipper flew off.

Osric was on the other side of the fence this morning while I was photographing roses. When he saw me he ran over to the fence and pushed on a slat in the fence, only to discover that I fixed the fence so he couldn’t push out the slat and squeeze through like he could a couple of weeks ago.