It’s a Beautiful World

I started my summer schedule of 4-10s and taking Fridays off this week. We went to Lowe’s this morning and got material to fix the canopies we park the cars under and repair the plumbing to the outdoor kitchen. We also got companion plants for the Painted Tongue, and some outdoor lounge chairs the lay on and watch the stars. Then we dropped by Costco and picked up some more roses to replace some of the roses that have perished from the hard winters. Laurie was commenting about how we have had seven years in a row of really cold winters and springs that have killed a lot of our roses, and made the ones that survived suffer greatly. This winter and spring have been mild, and the roses, fruit trees and flowers are showing their appreciation.

The rare pink iris below is a good example. Laurie planted a variety of fancy iris five or six years ago. As I have commented before, this is the first year we are seeing many of the iris she planted so long ago bloom. This is the first time I remember seeing blooms on Remember Me, the rose in the penultimate photo. Most of our rosh bushes in more protected areas are in full bloom. Cherry Parfait is really loaded with blooms this year, and America, which is on the south side of the deck, has so many roses on it right now that the canes are bending over the deck, blocking access to the steps up to the sunroom.

I didn’t get to work on the canopies where we park the cars or spread mulch this afternoon because of wind, rain, hail and lightning. I did get the plumbing for the outdoor kitchen overhauled after a lot of frustration and an extra trip to Lowe’s. Plumbing projects are never easy.