This Really Stinks

When this woman passed us holding her shoe out of the window on our way home tonight, I told Laurie that must be one stinky shoe. I said it kind of summed up my day as everything seemed to be against me today. Google maps changed their API and map keys, so some of the mapping applications I’ve developed over the past few months wouldn’t load for clients, returning a map key error instead of a map. I spent most of the afternoon trying to track down the issues, only to discover that google has taken down all of the help and reference pages to the javascript maps keys I got from them a few months ago. They have different map key system for android developers, and javascript maps, like I’m using, are now using libraries that I have to figure out how to access. This is the way I normally like to write all our own code, but web-mapping has proved to be very difficult to develop and maintain.

The deadbolt to the backdoor of the office broke, and then as I was walking to the car this afternoon, a tech from AirPro stopped me to tell me that two of the swamp coolers on the  office have rusted out and need to be replaced. Little did I know how much today would stink until I got home and got a chat session going with’s customer service because the new camera that was supposed to be delivered today, wasn’t.

I settled with the insurance company on my carry camera that got damaged in the car accident, and they sent me a check. I ordered a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 with a 35mm ƒ/1.4 lens to replace my broken carry camera. I’ve been carrying a full-sized camera since the accident, which actually works well, it’s just very large.  The new camera was to be delivered to the office. The UPS tracking site said it went out for delivery at 7:45 am this morning and was to be delivered by 3:00 pm. UPS made a delivery to the office at their usual noonish time, but delivered nothing for me. While I was chatting with amazon customer service about 6:15 pm, the tech said she just got a message my camera was delivered and signed for by ZINGAR. I called UPS and discovered it was delivered to a residence at 220 Girard NE, instead of the office at 220 Gold Ave SW. The UPS rep transferred me to the UPS investigation unit, but the investigator told me that since the package was from I needed to call Amazon to start an investigation.

I called Amazon, and the rep asked me to hold while he called UPS. After ten minutes he came back on, apologized for the wait, and asked me to hold again while he called the “highway patrol.” After another 15 minutes, he came back on, apologized again, and asked me to stay on the line while he finished with UPS’s investigation unit. Another 20 minutes went by before the Amazon rep came back on and explained that I have to wait until May 2nd to see if UPS and the police are able to recover the package and deliver it to me. If I don’t get the package delivered by the end of the day on May 2nd, then Amazon will either replace the order or give me a full refund.

I think the UPS delivery guy and ZINGAR have a little scam going on.  220 Girard NE is across the street from the UNM dorms in the student ghetto. An honest person wouldn’t sign for a package that didn’t have his name and address on it.