Here Comes The Sun


I tried out my new solar filters on the noon day sun, and the sun at 7:30 pm this afternoon (the time of the full eclipse on Sunday) to see how they work. The filters reduce the light by 9 stops, and I’m underexposing the photos by another five stops from what the light meter would like the exposure to be. The noon day sun is through cloud cover, and shot at 600 mm. The 7:30 sun, shot at 400 mm, is shining through a hazy sky. Both photos are full-frame, how they came out of the camera.

We got new welding helmets to view the eclipse with. They say cheap 3-D type glasses can be used to view the eclipse, but the welding helmets with #10 glass are equivalent to  about 11 stops on the camera, so the sun looks very much like today’s photos viewing it through the welding helmets. We laid out on the chaise lounges at lunch and watched the clouds pass under the sun through the welding helmets. It was very entertaining.

The kitties were really happy to have me home working in the garden this morning. Guildenstern smashed flowers and chewed on catnip, and Diné guarded one of the tomatoes while I worked on drippers for the vegetable garden.