Chicken Spinner

We got a chicken spinner (that’s a rotisserie for those of you who don’t speak Viking) for our 30th wedding anniversary, and spun a couple of chickens for our anniversary dinner. Our nephew coined the term “chicken spinner” several years ago when we gave him a Lego Viking ship that had a chicken on a spit that turned over a Lego fire — we’ve used the term ever since.  The recipe we used for the slow cooked rotisserie chicken is from the most recent issues of Fine Cooking Magazine. You make a tarragon butter that you spread under the skin, and put a sprig of tarragon under the skin over each breast. Laurie wanted to see how the spinner handled two chickens, as she plans on making this recipe for her book group in July. The chicken came out super moist, tender and very tasty. We had asparagus sautéed with shallots, bell peppers, garlic and orange juice and potatoes with the chicken. .  Laurie made a wonderful Tres Leches cake for desert, which we had with coffee. Altogether they made a wonderful anniversary meal.

A spider caught a little bee this morning, and the first photograph shows the spider biting the bee. In the second photo, spider is dragging the bee into its web tunnel. A ladybug posed nicely for me this morning, as well, and the rest of the photos are of some of the wildflowers and cactus from yesterday’s venture back out to the area west of Rio Rancho overlooking the Rio Puerco valley and Mount Taylor. Laurie did some sketches and paintings of the landscape and wildflowers. The photo of her painting shows the layers and diversity of plant life in the area.

Believe it or not, we got light frost last night, which wilted some of our vegetables. We covered the vegetable beds tonight in case we get frost again. I thought we were going to get by without any late frosts this year, but it seems May cannot pass with out a late frost on the property.