Sunset at 80


One aspect in assessing the quality of a new carry camera is how well it performs in low light at speed or speeding, depending on one’s point-of-view. The City’s construction project to ruin Lead and Coal gave me some photo ops during rush hour.  Lead and Coal were multi-lane, oneway streets with the traffic lights truly timed to the speed limit. They were designed in the late 50’s or early 60’s to get traffic in and out of downtown quickly and efficiently, back when city planner’s believed downtown would remain the prime central business district in Albuquerque.  Lead and Coal were great, because they were about the only streets in Albuquerque that you could drive the speed limit and get all the lights green, making it very quick to catch the major north/south streets when driving east on Coal or west on Lead. But the central planners and traffic engineers apparently couldn’t stand the thought of traffic moving efficiently, so they redesigned Lead and Coal to make the more bike and pedestrian “Friendly”.  I can appreciate bike friendly, having ridden tens of thousands of miles on my bike, but from the portions of Coal that are close to being finished that I drove on recently, the street now seems extremely hostile to cars. After I got on Coal at University heading east, I ended up turning off of it and drove through the neighborhoods to get to San Mateo. I was not the only one driving the neighborhoods to avoid Lead and Coal that day. Maybe once all the construction is complete, traffic will move a little better, but they will never again move traffic as efficiently as they once did.