Urban Watershed


If you haven’t brushed up on your geography lately, a watershed is an area where runoff collects into streams that drain into a river basin or particular body of water. In this example of an urban watershed, it occurs in a corner of the parking structure under the stairs. The urine runoff from the walls, and dark corner, collect into streams that drain into a big barf basin that is replenished by people who drink too much alcohol, or people having withdrawals, or people walking by who puke from the rancid smell of the urine streams. I’ve read that urban watersheds such as this have become much more common in urban landscapes across the country.

Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE


Can you find Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE sculpture?


I was awakened by thunder this morning. As I drove into town I could see scattered thundershowers all around. The photo above has two showers the were moving from west to east. The thundershower on the left reflected a very subtle rainbow from the rising sun.

The full view of the OȠE AL BU QUE RQUE sculpture

Cosmos & Roses

Can you find the Painted Lady butterflies?

Our cosmos have started to bloom, and the roses are putting on another round of blooms. The little white and green flowers in the second and third set of photos below are a wildflower that busts open like fireworks. It reminds me of dill, and the wasps and butterflies love it.