56 thoughts on “Gray Matter

    • Søren cooperates for photos now and then. Beaker is as ornery as ever. He doesn’t like having his photos taken. Thanks, Lavinia.

  1. You are a genius
    You gray matter
    Truly matters

    It is so impressive in these days of smart phones, that:

    📷F one point five, one sixtieth📷

    Is still your focus
    A passionate and true love of the eye at work.

    • Haha! Thanks, abvr. Genius is debatable. Curiously, ƒ/1.5, 1/60 sec at ISO 40 was the exposure my phone chose for all three photos. Normally, I don’t pay much attention to the exposure settings made by the phone, but I did notice the sameness in these photos. I pay much more attention to exposure settings with my DSLR cameras.

    • As I mention to abvr, I don’t always pay much attention to the exposure settings the phone chooses, but since it set the exposure for all three photos at ƒ/1.5, 1/60 sec at ISO 40 I thought it was worth working into a specku. Thanks, JYP.

  2. Wonderful shots. Love that you have framed your photos, too.
    Beautiful closeups of Søren and Silver.
    So love black and white 🙂

  3. Oh wow so you actually used the smartphone to take these pics?
    They are exquisite. The otherwise stern and strict Søren looks so sweet and gentle, full of love and very handsome.
    Lucky you with your DSLR!!

    • I used my phone for all three pics. Most of the pics I post these days are done with my iPhone. When Apple added LiDAR to the iPhone 13 Pro, I bought the phone instead of a lens for what was my carry camera. The iPhone replaced one DSLR and one mirrorless camera. The LiDAR always me to do low light photos more easily and works great for the wide-angle night shots of sky with stars and planets. I use a DSLR and telephoto lens for most of the bird photos, the close-up moonshot and closeup photos of planets.

      • Yes I read, the iPhone has a real great camera installed. When my boat comes in I want to get me a super phone too. Still I’m two’minded I would prefer a new tablet phone. I’m sure my indecision will subside once the boat has anchored. In the meantime the old Android must suffice.
        Ooo the Lidar sounds very special too.
        I’m really envious of your range.
        Your shots speak for themselves.

      • LiDAR is a type of radar that is low light sensitive. It is used in cars for sensing traffic around a car and warning drivers when other vehicles are too close, or the drivers are wandering out of the lane, etc. Apple saw a use for it in the iPhones and iPads.

        The iPad pro has a similar camera to the iPhone 13 and 14 so you can do a tablet camera when your boat comes in.

      • Oh yes I see what you mean, Ive driven in a few cars now with this sensor. I think these sensor are installed in most new cars these days.
        Thing thing is this that I would need both, the tablet and the phone.
        I find the phone far more comfortable to carry around when I’m out on my walks or traveling. I’d love the tablet for other creative work. We shall see when the ship comes in.

  4. My phone doesn’t have a camera, Tim. Then again, I bought it in… erm… many years ago. Sister Janes tells me it was in 1972 – how does she rememebr things ;like that. Hahaha! Spunk is her favourite too.
    Spcial shots this time, loved them!

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