83 thoughts on “Bloody Normal

  1. This is fantastic news. I started reading your blog while you were still in the hospital. Congratulations.

  2. The flowers are beautiful, Tim. I love the dark backgrounds for the flower portraits. Has it been seven years already? I am glad the white cell counts have stabilized. How are your hands doing? I think you mentioned your hands bothered you for a while after the chemo. Your guitar playing is sounding great, so I am assuming they are less painful now?

    • Thanks, Lavinia. My hands are still bad. Numb fingertips and arthritis. It’s challenging to play the guitar.

      • I hope things will get better with time so you are not in so much pain, Tim. You sound great in spite of the numbness and arthritis. Your ability to make the best of whatever life throws you, and keep on keeping on, has always been an inspiration.

  3. Hurray! What an achievement! I often think back to those days when you were blogging in really challenging circumstances. Though you must know ‘normal’ would not be the first word that came to mind in describing you. You’ve chosen a fantastic series of pictures to celebrate with.

    • I guess it all comes down to how one defines “okay”. As far as surviving the last bought of cancer 7 years ago, I’m okay.

  4. Congrats Tim! Takes a lot to get knocked down and make it back – kudos for fighting through. That first flower is pretty cool, like a living koosh ball.

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