63 thoughts on “Sound of Silence Heard

      • My bad. So, I saw from the comments that you rarely get fog. Makes sense as there is less water… Not that you have to have water but it sure does help, doesn’t it?

      • We get fog of the river. But fog elsewhere is rare because it is so dry here. We’ve had several days of rain and it was below freezing this morning so fog was on tap.

      • Right, along the river makes sense. Elsewhere must be rather special and thankfully, you captured it!

  1. I love the composition, Tim. That is a great Timku, too.

    I can like your post from the email notification (won’t work with all blogs), but not directly from the Reader now. Must be a new reader bug.

    • I can like and comment from the Reader, but I cannot like and comment directly on a lot of blogs. It’s weird. Thanks, Lavinia.

      • It will probably start working again. Is your browser up-to-date? Sometimes sites make changes that require browser updates.

      • I don’t get their problem with bulk likes. Likes are one of the least annoying things about WP. The pop-up window that show’s who has liked a post I find really annoying.

      • I block popup windows. I accidentally tried liking your comment this morning. Still doesn’t work. The “Like” policing software seems to have some arbitrary threshold of likes per unit time, and then it bans your “likes”, at least from within the reader. Whether that be per minute per day, per week, month or year is unknown.

        Not all blogs have a “like” button in their email posts, and even when it they do, it doesn’t always work. Your blog is one of those that has an email post “like” button which does not work for me. Many of these WP problems from “liking” to commenting seem theme related. The WP Reader has issues, but has always been the best and easiest way for me to be able to communicate with other blogs.

        WP has grown tremendously over the years, with many, many changes. WP is a wonderful thing. Yet with increasing growth in any business comes increasing automation, including policing functions, less human interaction with corporate Support, and all the ensuing problems for the end user that come from that. I have pulled many an innocent blogger out of SPAM over the years, with no clue as to why they were thrown in there with the usual obvious offenders. Their comments were innocent, inoffensive, and they did nothing wrong. Go figure. Software.

        My blog portion of my site is probably in its last year, this being year 10. I may do four posts, maybe only two this year. I cherish all you friends I have never met.

      • I can selectively unblock popups in Firefox on some blogs and then I can like and comment. But it doesn’t work with all blogs, especially self-hosted blogs.

      • I’ll be on a comment thread with JYP or others and the thread ends. Then I find their comments in SPAM. No rhyme of reason for sending their comments to spam in the middle of a back-and-forth comment sesseion.

      • After my SPAM comment I decided I better check SPAM and there were two comments by JYP in SPAM.

    • Thanks, Jet. We are finally getting a bit of rain making everything wet enough to get fog in the mornings.

  2. Fog makes everything so mystical. Hard to see it out here in the southwest as it happens so rarely. But you captured it well.

    • They were realming on the ethereal with ghost, sprites and pixies playing hide and seek. Thanks, Dawn.

    • Some of the most profound silence I have experienced is in a deep cavern with the flashlights turns off. Light is quite noisy. Thanks, Jeff.

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