Allusive Green

Using apps that showed me where the Green Comet should have been, I photographed the night sky in hopes of getting some sort of sighting. Between the 94% full moon and general light pollution, the Greeny is too faint to see. I’ll try again on the 10th when Greeny will be close to Mars and the moon with come up late.

43 thoughts on “Allusive Green

    • Greeny drops in for a visit every 50,000 years. It has to make its closest approach when the moon is almost full. Seems awfully inconsiderate if you ask me. Plus it’s 22º F (-6.6º C) outside. Greeny is not very good at planning more convenient times and seasons to buzz the earth. Thanks, Dale.

  1. Terrific night sky photo, Timothy, and I love the addition of the app that you provided. Those planet names are all foreign to me except Mars. Always so much to learn about the sky. Good luck on the 10th.

    • This is not a app you are seeing. They are my photos labeled by me. I use the apps to see were stars and other celestial objects are in the sky. Thanks, Bruce.

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