49 thoughts on “Time To Move On

  1. I hope there isn’t a hidden message withing this, Tim!
    I love the effort you put into these puppies. I’m impressed every single time. And you know what? It makes me wonder why I don’t put myself out there more…

    • There’s been a lot of questions about the motive, messages, and intentions behind this song. Nothing more than feeling stuck, doing the same old things, dealing with the same old pains, losing interest in “the same as it ever was” and wanting to move on. Thanks, Dale.

      • It’s definitely a thing about aging and recognizing you can’t do the say old stuff the same old way anymore. While some folks in my cohort think the song is depressing, younger people who listened to said it has a positive outlook. They had only heard the song since I just posted the video.

      • I really think the song can be interpreted both ways. We do get fed up (well, most of us anyway) of the same old, same old. Plus we can’t necessarily DO the same old in the same way. Still. We are never too old to break free and try new things, don’t you think? You inspire me, Tim.

      • Oh yeah! You learn do the things you love differently so you don’t have to stop doing what you love to do. A man and a woman gots to know his and her limitations!

    • I love how you draw out the word TIME in the song
      Love the different images to

      Wishing you all things lovely as you move on.

      “You’ll be surprised how far you can go from the point where you thought it was the end”


  2. I get it! That’s why I decided not to go back to film after we were freed from pandemic lockdowns. … … not the pandemic itself, it’s still here with us.
    I’m loving drawing, and doing my gowns.

    I like the video, the song is a groove… a new age “Born To Be Wild”! xo

  3. Excellent song and video. What better way to move on unless it’s on my Electra glide 🏍. A big tour pack to stock up plenty of honey buns in in case you encounter a bear.

  4. Piercing guitar – think that is the best tone to date in your videos. Can’t remember the name of that zombie clip, but I’ve seen it and remembered that scene immediately ha. Another gem in your collection Timothy.

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