Jupiter In Opposition

Jupiter (lower left) is in opposition to the sun tonight. The earth is between the sun and Jupiter, and Jupiter is closer to the earth tonight. The last time Jupiter made an approach this close to the earth was in 1963 (59 years ago). There might be a conspiracy in the 1963 approach and apposition. Saturn (upper right) looked on.

Jupiter and its moons among the stars


48 thoughts on “Jupiter In Opposition

  1. Awesome pics, Tim. I was out early this morning, and the sky was so brilliant. I could see either Jupiter or Saturn in the sky. I get confused on which is which. The glow was amazing.

  2. Another great post from a blooming astrologer. There is so much in our skies we don’t even realize is there yet with each of your adventures we are seeing through your eyes what is. Thank you, Tim.

      • 🧭Jupiter In Opposition🧭

        Can’t believe I never caught a glimpse of this moment

        🧭The earth is between the sun and Jupiter, and Jupiter is closer to the earth tonight🧭

        Breaking News: It is a night not to be missed. An outstanding stellar occasion, I must try and catch up tonight.
        Too many predictions casted for these stellar events
        One should not be discouraged
        Simply follow the path

        Beautiful stellar arrangement in picture story.

    • The starburst shots and wide-angle view were taken with my iPhone. The more detailed shots were taken with the Bazooka. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Love this Tim! Many of my friends feel a bit superstitious about this very thing. They feel it’s the reason why things are going wonky in their lives. I don’t really have an opinion on the subject but I think these images are amazing!

    • Thanks, LaShelle. I have done many “end of the world” posts featuring astronomical events. The world is always ending. All the “Not to be!” ends being the same old thing as we continue “To be!” You just have to enjoy life. As Bob Marley sang “Don’t worry be happy.”

      • You know what’s crazy? EVERY scientific news article lately has talked about the sun having problems and burning out and all of earth dying one day. It’s funny how Christianity and science can finally agree on something but my goodness is it annoyingly morbid 🤪😂

      • Some doomsayers are talking about a solar flare in 2024 that will wipe out the earth. So be it. Do you remember when Harold Camping predicted the second coming of Christ and the “rapture” to be May 21, 2011? A lot of people noted it didn’t happen. But how do we know it didn’t happen. It could have, and Harld Camping and the rest of us were left behind.

      • Of course it doesn’t. First-century Christians expected Christ to return in their lifetime. Paul expected that Christ’s return was imminent. The main reason Paul had weird notions of marriage and family was because Jesus would return soon and there would be no need for marriage, children, family. When Jesus didn’t return in the first century, second-century Christians became anxious about the afterlife. Plato’s notion of souls going to Heaven and Hell became very appealing to the church fathers. Augustine introduced his ideas of predestination and then Calvin ran with predestination during the Protestant Reformation. Therefore, many Christians came to believe that some people are predestined to be saved and others are predestined to be damned for no obvious reason, and no matter what they do, like Jacob and Esau, and the damned will be left behind.

      • Well i guess it’s like people born rich, other born poor. Indian castes. It creates order in their mind and society . Doesn’t mean that it has to stay that way. I think that just the fact to know it kinda delete the damnation.
        Of course it’s just my opinion but also , knowing that the ancient testament is about god talking to the people, teaching them how to live, and in the other book jesus is here to tell us were are also children of god and saved if we want it. There is already an upgrade in our human condition.
        The left behind are always the ones who don’t know something is happening. And something is always happening. We are now free more than never in human history .

      • I love theses old stories. They are so extra -ordinary and yet so human. . And i think we don’t really believe if we don’t identify ourselves with the characters. But indeed this is the hardest part.
        The imagery is beautiful too.We all have learn to read with the pictures when we are children. It’s the picture first that appeal to us.

      • Christianity, which was still Jewish in the first century, has been twisted and turned into a different religion from it’s roots. Jesus was there to upgrade the human condition, has has succeeded despite a lot of Christianity that has been and still is way off base. Thanks, Kazimiblues.

  4. While I’m late to the party, I remember thinking man… I wonder what that is that shines so brightly? I should have come here to find out!

  5. Didn’t know about this. My eyes are too close to my desk, not enough to the sky.
    Thanks for the information.
    Maybe (we all can convince ourselves) i felt it in some way.
    Jupiter astrologically talking amplifies all the planets and “contains them all”, “the great benefactor” in the same time. In my opinion, if you look at your chart and see where Jupiter is positionned , close to which planet… A lot to think about.
    Interesting conversation.

  6. I did manage to go out and witness Jupiter that night. Was pretty busy with the trail so couldn’t take the time to photograph it (assumed I would be able to look at your shots ha). Said hi and wished her luck on her travels.

    • I try and make it convenient for you busy folks, and folks who can make out much in space because of light pollution and cloud cover. I get way too much light pollution from the city and the neighbors. Thanks, Brian.

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