58 thoughts on “Buckeyes, Pearl Crescents, Clouded Sulphurs

    • I’m happy to hear you’re still enjoying the print. These butterflies were having a great time in the wildflowers. The wildflowers are on plants most people consider weeds and mow them. Then they say they don’t have butterflies because of climate change.

  1. Neat title!
    Love all the butterflies! Gorgeous they are.
    But since I am a big Ohio State Buckeye Fan… you had me looking for the real McCoys.
    Loved all the photos you friend.

  2. Gorgeous butterflies. Thank you for taking pics. Not many butterflies up here. The Monarch migratory path is still empty. It used to be like clouds 15 – 20 years ago. We did see a coupe of Monarchs by our Milkweed plant, which we planted for them.

    • It’s still the wild west out here. Rough and tumble in the butterfly district. Thanks, Brian.

    • As long as people don’t mow down the “weeds” the butterflies feed on, the will be butterflies. Thanks, Bruce.

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