45 thoughts on “Reflecting in Stereo

  1. Stunning! Fantastic composition, color, and imagination. Very creative, Tim. I remember when one of my aunties brought home her first Hi-Fi. 16 track vinyl played on quad systems was the best ever.

      • I loved black light posters. I had black light posters in my room in the early 70s. I would turn on the black light, put on Iron Butterfly, Strawberry Alarm Clock, the Beatles, the Doors, Bloodrock, etc. look at the glowing posters and groove. The music and the posters was very psychedelic. No drugs needed.

  2. Quadraphonic, haven’t heard that term in a while. In the world of surround, it’s the concert hall setting on my AV receiver, left-right front and rear no center.

    • No center? My 1000w power amp has an “off-center” so I can get “not even” stereo sound. Who needs 1000w right? I got a great deal on it. Thanks, David.

      • Turn the volume higher, it covers the lack of a playing center speaker. I suppose it’s one way of distinguishing between AV receiver brands.

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  4. I love this image, Tim! You would have gotten along with my ex, he was all about sound, making music, recording, sound effects, and surround sound was his thing. He even had an elaborate surround sound system set up in his 1974 Volvo, it was insane!

  5. Dear Tim,
    This is a work of art.
    You take fab pics of incredible subject matter, you have Nature’s Painter living on your doorstep.
    This goes beyond. Stunning.

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