46 thoughts on “Plane Abstracts

    • Thanks, Cheyenne. I’m happy how the colors in the lights came out. This is the fist plane abstractions I’ve done with my 400mm Bazooka. The quality of the colors and patterns are a lot different than I get with my 70-200mm lens.

      • Definitely worth pursuing, Timothy. I can’t remember what lens I used when I first did abstractions from a plane over the Hudson. B/W film. I like your surprise of colors and digital clarity much better.

    • Totally intentional. A tripod would not work at all. The plane would be long gone before I could get it in the frame on a tripod. I have to move with the plane to get this type photo.

      • The problem with Captain Kirk’s flight is it didn’t go high enough into orbit to get really incredible photos. I watched the who thing live. The rocket booster landing in the same spot it took off was the most amazing part of the whole thing for me. I think it’s rally cool Shatner got to go into space 55 years after the first episode of Star Trek aired.

      • I mind that first episode. It was a wonderful series. SO of its day…creaking sets, ridiculous costumes. I enver got in to any of the later generation stuff. Too fancy.

      • After the first movie, that was it for me. I saw Gene Roddenberry speak in 1977 or 78. He was such a disappointment.

    • I remember walking in your neighborhood the night we went to your art opening, and the planes were constant. I got a few of these type shots at that time, also. Thanks, Tiffany.

  1. This is so cool, love it. Your pictures of the moon don’t look real to me, they look like a satellite picture from space. I could sell your equipment and buy that cabin I want. Just kidding, your amazing my friend. Sending you tons of love and hugs. I love Cindy’s tree by the way, it is an amazing tree and she is a sweetheart for sure, I am glad you gave her a tree, I know she is beyond pleased. Bless your heart. Hugs to your honey too always. xoxoxoxo

    • With housing prices going through the roof, I don’t thing we could get a down payment out of my equipment. Sad, really. Thanks, Joni.

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