Happy Solstice & Conjunction

Jupiter & Saturn in the trees at 6:45 pm. That’s about as close to looking like one star from my view-point.

Sahsa was looking for the conjunction but said all she could see was the ceiling. Silly Kitty.

Jupiter & Saturn at 6:40 pm.

This is the best shot I got of Jupiter & Saturn with 4 of Jupiter’s moons. I believe the light on the lower right is a star.

Another shot a little closer.

60 thoughts on “Happy Solstice & Conjunction

  1. Thanks for all the conjunction photographs. We’re having too much clouds and rain this week and couldn’t see Jupiter & Saturn getting together. So sad we missed this event.
    I always love to see special events in the night sky. I was lucky to be a witness of the the Belgian UFO wave one night at 2 AM 30 years ago. Unfortunately, we had no smart phones in that time…

  2. These pictures of your trees in the dark with the sunsets are beyond amazing. The views that you have on your land are unbelievable. You have them for company all the time. Love Joni

  3. I am beyond thrilled to see your photos of Jupiter and Saturn’s orbits! With our heavy rain last night, it was impossible for us to see. I understand that Jupiter and Saturn hadn’t come so close together in the sky for 400 years and not at night for nearly 800 years. Thanks to you, Tim, I was able to see what everyone thinks, according to the LiveScience website, may be the Christmas Star ⭐️ This morning the sun came out without a cloud in sight, which is a miracle, given the heavy rains that occurred yesterday. Life is still full of mystery.

    • Marina calls the clouds and rain during a cosmic event like this “‘Isnogood’ conspiracy” by nature. Certainly seemed that way with you having a sunny morning. We mostly have clear skies, but I have had many attempts to photograph Lunar eclipses, planet transits and solar eclipses dashed by clouds. The Christmas star was most likely the conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars in 7 BCE. That conjunction would have been very bright.

  4. A little disappointing here in the portion sky where it would was cloudy, but the rest of the sky was rather clear. It was a little too cold to wait on that area to clear. I thought, though, the conjunction would be a closer. But, hey, the last time these two combined for a conjunction was in medieval times (late 1580?).

    Sasha seemed ready to go somewhere being in a bag. Going outside to look at the sky is not going somewhere in cat perception.

    • 1226 was the last conjunction visible to the naked eye. There was a daytime conjunction in 1623 that was the last one closer than this conjunction, but it was too close to the sun to be seen with the naked eye. Sasha could have gone out into the catio to watch it. Thanks, David.

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