40 thoughts on “Moving Up Going Mobile

  1. Hi Tim. wonderful photo. So many things are going through my mind. Luckily I don’t have to worry about the mask mandate, I see Vespa Scooter is in compliance!

    • Hi Mia. The Vespa is well masked. I think it meets our governess’s latest public health order. She put occupancies to 25% with a max of 75 people. Soooo. I had to wait in a long line to get into Walmart to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. I figure we are more likely to get COVID waiting in line than if people were allowed to come and go like normal. People are not nearly as close to each other going into a store the size of Walmart when it’s operating at full capacity as we were standing in line for 30 minutes to get in the store.

      • Dear Tim, sad to read about suppression heaped on the people of NM, not surprised as I believe all eyes are on the votes in your state too. Yes, all things are backwards, common sense is not common or prevailing. I’m glad you were able to get your Rx.

      • I had put off going to get the Rx, but the Phram was texting me that I had to pick them up by Sunday. I figured the lines to get in would be worse today tomorrow and Sunday.

  2. Got distracted by an airplane flying overhead. From a distance, it looked like a thunderbird – giant wingspan, no wing movement, no running lights – not even the AEO (the one that strobes). Turns out to be the kind used for skydiving …

    At least, this homeless person upgraded to a better “vehicle”. We see a lot of shopping carts, luggage pulls, bikes (all kinds) here.

    Your wait to pickup prescriptions seemed a little stupid, but is likely a Walmart issue rather than a state issue if the store is emptier once you get inside. Here in Colorado, the issue is kinda reversed. All the numbers and indicators are showing the state is on the verge of losing control but are reluctant to put in place the restrictions that might slow the spread.

    • Hi David. It’s not a Walmart problem. The capacity is 75 people at a time. Lowes, Costco all the big boxes have long lines to get in with only 75 people at a time being allowed inside. You can’t go to smaller stores, they had to close.

      • Not to minimize the NM experience with COVID, why 75 people at a time at the big boxes in ABQ and SF? I can understand the smaller stores closed/out of business because they operated on smaller margins. The ones who are truly bearing the brunt is the Navajo Nation and NM exactly hasn’t been helpful. I know this because Laurie and Andrea offered to go to Window Rock since they are very shorthanded with medical personnel at their clinic on the reservation and were turned down. (There’s a whole separate story here.)

      • The governor set all capacities to 75. Why? She’s giving us a spanking, I suppose. I’m not surprised they turned down Laurie’s and Andrea’s offer for help. I believe a lot of fishiness is going out here. They don’t want outsiders poking around, I’m sure. NM exists in a perpetual state of SNAFU. The level of lockdown doesn’t make sense at all based on the the ratio of positive to negative tests and the total deaths related to covid in NM. When I went for my 6-month checkup in October I asked my doctor how they were doing with covid cases. He said at that time none of the cancer centers had seen any covid cases, and surprisingly not in the Gallup clinic either.

      • That is curious. While the Navajo was ready to accept Laurie’s and Andrea’s offer, they needed a license waiver from NM since the clinic sits on the NM side of the reservation. That’s the federal requirement. They had already obtained a license waiver from AZ if they needed to go into the field in AZ. The CO corner, they were okay since they practice here. The license waivers are rather pro forma long as they’re licensed to practice in one of the states. Those Navajo that had to be transferred were mostly sent to UA in Tuscon, where they have a large university medical center. Others were sent here to UC Hospital. I guess some were sent to UNM Medical Center in ABQ. Just plain bizarre, Tim.

  3. Unfortunately, Timothy, I do not understand anything about “vehicles” as the one you show us here, but fell in love with it at first sight, because it looks so beautifully antic! Cari saluti Martina

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