61 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. When Black Cats cross your path, you are blessed beyond belief. Cats do not HAVE to do anything. Black Cats even more so. So, take the Full Moon and swim in them crossing your path. Plus, they purr. What is better than that when the veils are thing and/or lifted and/or… just anytime really?

    Glenda & Gwendolyn are a pair of awesome sauces. The 4-eyes have it.

  2. Oh, my… a cat with two heads!!!!! [sorry the scene from Blackadder popped in my mind: Baldrck: “Only this morning in the courtyard I saw a horse with two heads and two bodies”!!!]
    Seriously though, great shot!!!!!

      • They know there is other space beyond the bedroom, and watch the other kitties come in and disappear through the kitty door, but they have not figured out the kitty door. They run out when we open the door, but then stop and run back into the bedroom. They are ready to face the world beyond the white door.

    • G & G are much more bonded the R & G were. I took Gwendolyn to the vet without Glenda. Laurie said the world was coming to an end for Glenda. I guess I have to always take them as a pair from now on. Thanks, Lavinia.

  3. Thanks for sharing the photo of the two perfectly beautiful kittens! Happy Halloween to you too.

  4. What a beauty shot! Wow!
    Hallowe’en Cover Cats for sure.
    They are growing up purrfectly!
    β¦πŸ‘»β¦β˜ οΈβ¦πŸ˜ˆβ¦πŸ‘»β¦β˜ οΈβ¦πŸ˜ˆ

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