48 thoughts on “Yellowing

    • Hi John, The cottonwoods will turn a beautiful yellow if we don’t get a hard freeze in the next two or three weeks. But if we get a hard frost they will turn brown overnight.

  1. Still pretty! It’s crazy to hear about everyone around the country talking about frosts and cool weather, we have been sweltering in over 90 degrees every day for the last couple weeks, I’m so ready for a cooldown!

  2. Not much color change here in the lower elevations, but only seen with non-native trees like ash, maple, sumac, and oak. Most of the cottonwoods and elm are staying green though we’ve already had a few hard freezes after the early September snow. Overnight, our temps are in the lower 40s and we’ve had a 37-38-39 two or three times.

    • Hi David. We’ve had frost on the ground on the the cars most days this week, including this morning.

  3. Your trees are more yellow than ours. Tim. We won’t see much color here. The hot, dry east winds, ash fall and poisonous air caused a lot of early leaf fall up here.

  4. Their trees are lovely.
    Did the trees get the cotton balls this year?
    It’s the same here. The trees are turning colours, but if it gets too, cold, too, fast… all brown leaves… on the ground.

    • Hi Resa. The tatones, which have the cotton, froze in a late frost so we got no cotton from the cottonwoods this year.

      • Ahh, okay, I have the pics you sent me.
        I’ll be using them when I make the Cottonwood Art Gown.
        At some point I’ll use them in a PBH post.
        Dale’s peach tree is going in the next PBH ep.
        I have 2 … in green leaf.
        Is there a colourful fall pic?

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