34 thoughts on “Gata y Blanca

  1. Such an evocative image…the whites, the greens, and Marble in an accidental perfect pose matched to and in alignment with the weathered wood! I can’t stop looking at it.

    • I have another guitar in the works that will have a drawing of Marble on it that Laurie did. Thanks, Lavinia.

    • Thanks, Holly. Marble is queen of the catio. She spends a lot of time in it. I buy guitar bodies unfinished, necks and all the components separately, and I do all the assembly and finishing work. I don’t have space or equipment to build totally from scratch. It takes a really long to bo put a guitar together and finish it.

  2. Hi Tim, how fun! Marble looks so at ease, is she easy to work for? πŸ˜‰ Is this a new hobby, do you sell the guitars when you’re done, or do you have your own private collection?

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