40 thoughts on “Rubic on the Rocks

  1. The stone next to it is about as old as the length it takes me to solve one of those unless I twist a corner and take it apart and put it back together. LOOK. I did it! More than one way to skin a cat… Maybe that statement is why they have nine lives, so they can survive all those attempts.

    Rubric on the Rocks. That’s quite a couple there. Rock beat scissors, though Rubic beats me every time.

    Funny, the image reminds me of Future Litchic Scatters. “Breaking News. Site X-942a.1 discovered today with proof that contrast is rockin’ cool.”

    • I hear you on solving those stupid cubes. Now my daughter can solve it quite easily. Go figure. I’ve had plenty of contrast in my day. I’m not sure how rockin’ cool it was, but it definitely left me scattered. Thanks, Jordan.

      • Scattered can be diversity. Maybe not cool at the time, though those experiences are my best connective glue with experience. Unlike the Rubic’s Cube. I’ve seen people who do it behind their back while you watch. Seems like Pac Man or DIg Dug amplified. One, long, form(ula). Like it’s a party trick rather than a problem to solve. Don’t thing the stupid cube has made it the LSAT yet, so I’m way comfortable with my inability to do them. I actually received a Mini Evil Cube for Christmas as a joke, “Maybe you can do this one.” Nope. And, the spans are too small to have the flexibility to take apart without it shearing. OH, gives me an idea. I’ll re-gift it to them this year. “I hope you still have the receipt. This one’s defective.” SNAP. Right past the point of flexure. ___/—x. Oops. Yeah, I know that’s the steel chart, though I don’t think it will give warning other than breaking… like most brittle things?

      • My ideal rubic cube is the same color on all sides. It is like magic, but then most technology is a form of magic. Staff members ask me what I did to fix their computers. I tell them it magic or voodoo depending on my mood, but half the time I have no idea how what I did made them work. It was magic as far as I can tell.

      • I hear you on that. My magic on my ‘putter is I hope it needs a nap for a sec and a new pair of boots. So, turn off. Pause for 30 seconds or so to really let it cycle down and lose the static or whatever. Reboot. Cool, rebooted, and not swimming with its boots on anymore.

        Most technology is a form of magic. Though, the magic that makes a monochromatic Rubic’s cube is the best kind. Here you go. Solve this. Mess it up first, though. “ 😉

        Keep up your magic and voodoo and making them work however you do depending on your mood. That’s great as well.

      • The mood often ends up being pretty cranky as the problems are usually due the the same user errors over and over and over again. Do you know David Byrne’s line “The same as it ever was! The same as it ever was! The same as it ever was!” Well. It’s often “The same as it ever was!”

      • 🙂 GIGO is a disease oft not able to be corrected except by the GIGOer… once they listen… IF they listen. “Why does my engine keep blowing up?” Hmmm, did you check the oil and change it every 3-5k miles? “No, I thought you said 30,000. What’s the ‘k’ thingy after the number?”

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