Downtown Then & Now

Kimo on October 3, 2019

Kimo on July 15, 2020

QBurger on July 15, 2017 (

Filling Phillys on July 15, 2020

Neighborhood Bar on March 6, 2020

Neighborhood Bar on July 15, 2020 (the address has been updated)

37 thoughts on “Downtown Then & Now

  1. Honestly, Timothy, this makes me feel sad. The first two photos really talk to me. But God is still in control! 😎

    • It’s really sad, John. I talked to many of the artists working on painting the plywood sheets covering all the broken windows. They are excited the city is letting them paint the boards, and the city is going to have a tour of the painted boards on Friday night.

      I told the artists it’s sad, and that it’s especially disgusting the city is taking pride in a broken and closed up downtown by allowing the boarded up businesses to be painted and showing off the painted boards, instead of helping the businesses so they can take the boards off, replace the broken glass and get back to business as much as they can under the stupid lockdown orders.

      I don’t think downtown will recover from this. It’s be struggling for 30 years and whatever retail businesses and restaurants survive the governor’s orders, the city will finish off with it’s neglect of downtown.

      All of us who go to the office currently used to go out for a walk ever day downtown. Now it’s so depressing, the only time we are outside the office is to walk from and to the parking garage.

  2. What a sad situation. Small local businesses are threatened all over the country. Indianapolis has lost local restaurants, deli’s, BBQ joints, Asian take outs and Tex Mex corner eateries. Even the farmer’s markets have shut down. The losses cut across all ethnic groups.

    • Hi Maj & Sher. It doesn’t help when our elected officials and the news media encourage and celebrate rioting, destruction of private property, violence and lawlessness.

      • Things sure seem like they are going to hell in a hand bag everywhere these days and like you say between the politicians and the press there is just more fuel thrown on the fire.

      • The politicians and the press are the fuel that started the fires.

  3. What you mentioned about ABQ happened in COS. Much of the downtown became closed storefronts with pie-in-the-sky ideas to revitalize it. None of the plans worked. When the brewpub scene exploded, that is all the COS downtown has become. Along with four Starbuck stores within two blocks of each other. A couple of overpriced retail stores have opened. Plus, some downtown apartments.

    COS still have those pie-in-the-sky ideas. One of those is moving the whole USOC complex into downtown. Rejected twice by voters, the city leaders still have gone ahead with building the new complex – new HQ, museum, Olympic retail, HOF. Also, they want to build a baseball stadium downtown though the Triple-A team moved away.

    • One of our mayors was bent on building a baseball stadium behind out office. Fortunately that didn’t go over well and that mayor was voted out of office before he could shove down our throats. The previous was in long enough to shove a stupid new transit down our throats that completely messed up Central and killed a lot of small businesses during construction. I won’t drive on central outside of six blocks in downtown where they didn’t mess it up.

      We have a lot of brew pubs and regular bars downtown. They produced a lot of urine and vomit we had to step around on Monday mornings before the bars and pubs were shutdown by the governor. Homelessness, panhandling and violence is still a big problem downtown. The current mayor has pulled most of the police out of downtown, as well.

      • We have a lot of homeless also. Most that came thought there were jobs available in the MJ business. Those jobs require a spotless criminal background, and most had records of prior drug offenses elsewhere. Accordingly, that is an automatic disqualifier to obtain an MJ badge.

        In our old neighborhood, some homeless have filtered in and have taken to squatting in foreclosed homes. Megan, who’s renting our house, she’s installed a security system with IR cams, digital locks and motion lights. I gave her a break on her rent for the security install. The COS solution to homelessness is buying them bus tickets to another city. ABQ was at the top of that list for a while.

      • I feel for Megan. We don’t have cameras at the office, but I put in digital locks earlier in the year. We have had to have alarm systems for years. We seem to get a lot of homeless bused to ABQ.

      • I have taught Megan how to shoot. The bigger lesson I taught her was how not to place herself into a position where she needs to shoot.

      • Great. And the first lesson in self defense training should be how best to avoid situations where you will have to defend yourself.

  4. Dear lord…Then looked a lot better than now. “I told the artists it’s sad, and that it’s especially disgusting the city is taking pride in a broken and closed up downtown by allowing the boarded up businesses to be painted and showing off the painted boards, instead of helping the businesses so they can take the boards off, replace the broken glass and get back to business as much as they can under the stupid lockdown orders.” How very very true. We live in what is called the jewel of Dundee’s crown and we have are lucky in that cos it is all indy shops and takeaways, that have been open throughout this has not happened here. Only the pubs have been boarded the rules are such on their reopening they would be as well not opening and damn all government help available for them here, just the wrist slapping threat of being closed again if there’s a spike. All the spikes here in Scotland, the vast majority of deaths too, have been in care homes, so explain that to ,me.

    • I can understand exercising caution during the pandemic, but I disagree with how most government officials are flailing about, making bad decisions, mostly because they are trying to profit politically. On top of bad decision making, many politicans encouraging and supporting riots.

      • Today…. the occupations of those who died here in Scotland, were released. The commentator started about the 300 and odd who had died, adding sheepishly that obviously the other 3 thou or whatever it is were over a certain age and not working. An economy has been trashed, people will die in the next few years of preventable cancer that was not diagnosed in time, or who had their treatment put on hold, children are basket cases, all society’s most vulnerable people have fallen through a net into space, jobs have been lost galore and shops–ok our foodshops are fine — but don’t go looking for much else unless you want to buy a suitcase or giant jars of slimfast, which we will do soon enough once our foodshops are not fine –these shops are not fine. All to save our vulnerable people over a certain age, who were not saved after they were either booted out of hospital beds into care homes, or were in a care home already. because oh dear, we had to stop the run into the ground and underfunded NHS being overwhelmed –something that never happened and has been long forgotten about as the reason for enforcing this mess on us.

  5. I didn’t realise at first these are boarded up businesses. This is truly a sad thing.
    So many victims of this pandemic.

  6. The ALIEN landed, and many are trying to defeat it. Unfortunately, many others are not. Most notable, to me in this war of attrition, is that Canada is failing small time. Yet, the USA is failing big time. Canada has always followed the USA in many cultural and political movements. We have broken ranks here, as keeping the border closed demonstrates. The last time Canada was not in line with the USA was the Vietnam War. We welcomed draft dodgers. Now, we only welcome food trucks.
    I have many pals I adore on WP. Thank goodness we have our virtual lives, together!

    • I was happy for the artists, but I’m not happy with the circumstances. Thanks, Tiffany.

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