46 thoughts on “Hammocks and a Bag

    • You have to be quick, Robin. I miss so many great shots of the cats for the same reason. They are doing something really cute, I grabe the phone or camera, they change position or run off to do something else. It’s very frustrating at times. But you are right. Most of our cats love to model.

    • Thanks, Lizzie. All of are kitties like to show off for the camera when they are feeling feisty.

  1. They are too lovely, Tim! A smile happens whenever I see a cat photo, just can’t help it. The one and only cat I ever had was a tom cat, I called him ‘Chubby’. A very naughty cat, with round head, round eyes, round cheeks, and a short stub of a tail that looked like a fluffy fur-ball rather than a tail. Still I can vividly sense his presence now. I believe if you had a cat once, you’re bound to be a cat lover for life.

    • Hi Dot. It is true. Cats get into your soul and they are always a part of you. You remember all the kitties you have had, and you miss all of them. I think their spirits stay with you as well.

      • Hi Susan. Loki and Silver are in the hammocks, Marble is on the shelf. Spunk is in the sack, and Sasha is the gray and white kitty in the foreground with Spunk in the sack behind her. Keeping track of which kitty is which in our household can be a challenge.

      • Oh yes it’s hard to live without a cat
        But I cannot subject a cat (or two) to arriving and then living in an apartment with boxes everywhere, to know the stress of a move (they would be locked in the bathroom during the move ), to undergo the stress of a journey of 800 km by train, then again the stress of moving into the new apartment
        So, as I do not yet know exactly where I will live I live without a cat
        I think first of them and their comfort of life

  2. You really do live with a bevy of beauties.
    Is Spunk waiting in the bag for me to love him and kiss him and hug him and pet him ad infinitum?

  3. They are very beautiful your cats. I have a female cat that makes me full of nonsense at home. But I love the cats ❀ Good evening Timothy. Me, in Paris it is the night 3 am 😊

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