14 thoughts on “In Case Of Emergency

  1. Hi, Tim. We were getting that rain over here while you were photographing it over there. 🙂
    Is the ER the one just off Alameda or a different one? (I hope no one needed to go there.)

    • Hi Susan. The ER is on Coors at Paseo where Gandma’s Music used to be. I was getting happy hour donuts. The Rebel Donuts van looks like an emergency vehicle, so any type of emergency is covered from that location.

  2. This is an incredible scene. It’s so artffully interpretational and yet there is the simple coolness to take in lungful during morning morning runs.

    • Fortunately, tornadoes are rare here, we’ve had a couple in the city that did a little bit of damage in the past 30 years. But relatively short, often isolated, powerful thunderstorms with high winds and torrential rain are a part of our normal monsoon season.

      • Cool… I mean about not many tornadoes. I do love a good thunderstorm, but without hideous damage.

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