Pillow Parking


A pillow with racing stripes parked next to my MX-5 this morning. Maybe it felt a kinship with the MX-5 being close to the same color and having racing stripes; although the pillow did not have a parking permit. I park on the 6th level of the parking garage, that, by the way, I was banned for life from in January 2016; however, the parking permit department didn’t get the memo that I was banned for life, and they issued me a parking permit to park in the garage I was banned for life from over a year ago.

For my “green” red car update, I’ve been driving to schools this week to survey sites and facilities in order to update fire escape plans. With people coming back from vacations, and getting ready to go back to school, there has been a lot more stop and go traffic in my normal daily commute. But then, with driving to different schools, I did a lot more city driving, and ran into a lot more road construction over the past week. My mileage dropped a full mile per gallon this last tank of gas to 39.1 mpg (16.62 kpl) driving 352.8 miles (567.8 kilometers). That’s not too bad for more city driving.


22 thoughts on “Pillow Parking

  1. Woah! Fabulous car, Tim. (That’s too funny about the pillow.)
    It made me laugh when Toyota added “sport” something to the name of my Camry. But at least it’s bright blue, and suits me well. šŸ˜‰

  2. Banned? What did you do, park on the line?
    Well, I’m liking the mileage.
    The pillow is an act of the “one shoe only, on the road god”. Like shoes, they never come in pairs.

    • Hi Resa. It’s more like walking the line. There are signs about no trespassing in the parking garage, so technically doing anything else but parking is trespassing. I photographed the Imperial building under construction every week from the parking structure. I was doing one of my last set of photos when a security guard told me to leave and never come back. I asked if I was banned for life, and she said yes.

      • Amazing how ridiculous, ridiculous can be.
        Nonetheless, glad to see you parking, again….. until ……

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