Lovelorn Wasp

With lots of colds, flu, allergies, and hacking making the rounds, Teri Dashfield, who has Images by Dashfield, inspired the Average White Boys to collaborate with another obscure virtual group of allergy-infested hackers known as Violent Phlegm to form a new virtual music group called Coughing Cooties. I am happy to release the Coughing Cooties’ first single, Lovelorn Wasp.


32 thoughts on “Lovelorn Wasp

    • Thanks, Mia. They had fun making it. I put the wasp out side so it could find a real lover after I photographed it.

      • The wasps fly in through the kitty door, and I put them back outside. I know they like being put back outside. As far as whether they appreciate or not I can’t honestly say. However, since they fly away without stinging me, I believe I can assume that’s a bit of wasp appreciation.

  1. The AWB always make my day! The adventure/collaboration with Coughing Cooties is a hit. Looking forward to hear more new songs…

    • Thanks, Herman. The AWB and Violent Phlegm are collaborating on a song. It might debut this week.

  2. Very interesting song. Lol! For some reason… I am reminded of Frank Zappa’s songs prior to Hot Rats.
    I don’t know much about AWB

    • You know AWB. It’s my virtual group “Average White Boys” (I have three virtual groups now). They do all the parodies and most of the other music I’ve posted. AWB did Freaking on the Food Chain.

      • Ohhhhhh! I was thinking of Average White Band.. Now, I’m picking up the pieces.
        Well, I love the Zappa-esque lyrics, and now the entire virtual project. Love that Freaking on the Food Chain!

      • The Average White Boys is a play on the Average White Band. Do you know who Dave Barry is? He’s a humorist who had a weekly column I used to read regularly. He would come up with clever ways of describing something, and then say “that would be a good name for a rock band”. Every since then, I’ve notice when names of things, sayings, or differently worded phrases will make good names for rock bands or titles for songs. Now that I’m playing again I can be the virtual bands and write the songs like “Freaking on the Food Chain”.

      • Very cool … you have a lot of good virtual band names going on!
        No, I don’t know who Dave Barry is, but he has seemingly inspired you! 😀 😀

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