35 thoughts on “End of April Flowers

  1. Those are gorgeous and fresh. But as they leave, the roses and perennials will be coming…

      • Yes, the cacti are blooming some. There’s a big bed of something — I don’t know what they are, but nice little flowers on them. And several roses, in front and back. However, today I noticed something wrong with a couple of them… white on the stems…
        I’m no good with plants, and don’t know the first thing about them.

      • Your roses most-likely have powdery mildew. Brown cranker is white on the cane also. If it’s powdery mildew you can try to hose it off. If not you can apply a fungicide. If it’s brown canker you have to cut off the stems and throw them in the trash. Disinfect your shears with bleach after cutting off the infected stems. You might ask around to see if there are any rosarians nearby who could advise you.

  2. Oh wow I love all the different flowers in your garden. I only have Star lilies, roses and climatis that’s all that makes it here I guess! So vibrant. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Michelle. We have a pretty good variety of flowers, but a lot of them struggle in our dry climate.

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