33 thoughts on “Loki, Sasha, Lola

  1. Tim, the perfect way to close out the day is with kitties! Yay! Wonderful series of photos, they are all beautiful! Wishing you and yours a lovely evening and terrific Sunday!

  2. I don’t know if you’re open to suggestions but try Tom Plevnik’s blog. He’s another photographer of your great level.

    • Hi Resa. I sat the hat, gloves and goggles on the counter to get something really quickly and go back out to work on the yard. Lola was in the hat about two seconds after I set it down. I had to take a break to let Lola enjoy the hat before I kicked her out of it. The cats have a way of forcing me to take unplanned breaks.

      • Hi David. Auto-correct is such a pain. I have it turned off, but some things get corrected despite it being off. It always changes improv to improve on me. Very annoying. As far as Lola is concerned goggles and googles are completely interchangeable.

  3. They are so beautiful, Tim. Crystal used to have a hat (of mine) that she liked to lay in. She also liked to carry it down the stairs, despite how big it was with the floppy brim. So when it got hair covered enough, I took it away, worried she’d hurt herself with it on the stairs. Thank heaven no stairs here!

    • Hi Teagan. It’s funny what kitties decide to claim for themselves and carry around the house.

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