Owlet Update

I think I get get out of this hole.

At first we thought that there was only one owlet in the cottonwood in the neighbor’s yard just south of us. Turns out there are three owlets again this year. One of the oldest owlets was trying to get out of the nest last night.

@#&$! Can’t quite do it.
You all didn’t see that. OK?
Stretching its wings.
The runt popped its head up when the other owl took a break from its attempt to get out of the nest.
The third owl getting a wing in edgewise.
There is something interesting in the branches above.
Only one owl popped its head up this morning.



Moving on north to Virginia. You can refresh your memory about who Virginia is at https://wp.me/p1yQyy-4dG. Another resident owler said she had seen a second owlet with Virginia, but we have not seen the second owlet. Virginia is older than the three owlets down south, and she has been getting out of the nest for a couple of weeks (she was out of the nest the next day after the photos I did of her on the 14th). This morning she and Mama owl were sitting on a branch outside the nest. Virginia is developing horns.

Virginia is adorable. She looks small next to Mama owl, but when she’s by herself she looks big.


A view from the back side of the tree.





41 thoughts on “Owlet Update

  1. Virginia does look large by herself, and cute!
    The south owlets are adorable, all tucked in although they are stretching. Thanks for sharing this year’s owlets.

    • Hi Susan. They grow so very fast. You need to make a trip out at least to see the owlets to the south. Lady Banks is in bloom, Austrian Copper is just starting, and the iris are thinking about blooming.

  2. Hi Tim, a lovely series of photos. I’m impressed with how quickly the owlets are growing. Virginia has really taken off in size. Thank you for the owlet update!

  3. Fabulous! Thank you for sharing these sweet owl pics. The babies are adorable, and mom is very majestic. Virginia is sure growing up fast. When fully grown, will Virginia nest in the same tree, or will she have to find a tree of her own?

    • Hi Resa. Virginia will have to find a mate and another tree in a few years. Her mom and dad will use the same nest.

      • Once she is big enough, I won’t be able to distinguish her from the adults other than she will still peep instead of hooting. I haven’t seen any of the young owls from last year that I can tell. I think they go find their own way during the winter.

      • 🙂 Thanks for your sense of humor. You should see what people do with my last name. And, I have to say, phonetically you were still dead on.

      • I’ve been called a lot of bad names in my day, including “The Antichrist”. Tomithy went right by me.

      • 🙂 I hear that. I’m the same way. “The Antichrist.” Go YOU. That’s powerful you moved someone to be influenced that intensely, especially because it also sounds like that was their stuff not yours?

        Thanks for the laugh. I can only imagine how that conversation continued or ended.

      • I was on the P&Z. An old-timer thought she had all the members of the board convinced to vote in favor of her illegal zone change. I argued successfully against it and it was voted down. She said I used to be such a nice young man (I thought who is she thinking about?) in between expletives I had never heard before and calling me the Antichrist. I’ve cherished the name ever since.

      • I cherish it now. I KNOW that meeting as both Architect on her side of the table and as Chair of Community Form and Identity in others on yours. Priceless. Effin LOVE that. I may call you that now and then. That’s beyond GOOD. Cherish is SUCH the right word for that kind of monkey business.

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