10 thoughts on “Long Shadows Compact XX

    • Hi David. It sure is. Parking services apparently didn’t get the memo since they issued me a parking permit for the structure.

  1. Hi Tim, what an ominous long shadow! I love the bright sunshine with the dark clouds in the distance. Nice to know the shadow man is able to enjoy a beer now and then.

    • Hi Mia. The temp was cool with only a slight breeze early in the morning when I took the photo with the sun rising behind me. But then the winds started up, and by late afternoon the winds were fierce.

      • I was trying to figure out if it was early morning or late afternoon due to the length of the shadow. Okay, early morning and cool. A gorgeous morning! I wonder if we shared the same wind event, well it was a wind event here for several days. I loved every second of it!

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