34 thoughts on “Spring Purples and Pinks

    • Thanks, Tiffany. It’s nice the tulip has that pastel pink. Most of the flowers we get that are supposed to be a light, pastel pink end up more orange from our alkaline soil and water.

      • The composition of that first shot is really striking! The vertical stripes of different colors in the background really complement the frond in the foreground well. My eye was directed down along the grind and I really wanted there to be something small at the bottom to hold my attention there, but it still worked well!

  1. Amazing captures! There is nothing like nature, is there? Just viewing these photos, I can nearly smell the flowers and feel the breeze. How relaxing!

    • Thanks, Holly. On smelling the flowers, it’s so dry out here, the flowers have little scent. We go for the colors.

      • We have a few roses that have pretty strong scents even in the dryness. They must be almost overwhelming in a humid climate.

  2. Hi Tim, beautiful purples and pinks, and I agree with Animalcouriers, I like the look through the gauze/shade cloth, very delicate and pretty. I don’t have any pinks (no purples either), everything is orange, coral or red, odd how that happened.

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