The Capsaicin Club (Red or Green?)


What is that paparazzo doing to that “poor innocent guitar”, as Laurie likes to say? Listen to the The Capsaicin Club for clues.

Stay tuned for the video.

The Capsaicin Club
Music and lyrics by Timothy Price

Timothy Price: vocals, rhythm and lead guitars, digital percussion, recording, final mix.
Ron Blood: bass guitar, recording, post processing, final mix.


27 thoughts on “The Capsaicin Club (Red or Green?)

  1. This is fun! I’m thinking of a freezer full of all those mentioned foods! Yum… 🙂

  2. You are a very talented man, Tim! A great photographer, musician and cat lover. You make the world a better place… 🙂

  3. Tim, I don’t like chili peppers at all. But, your song is fun, and you have awesome singing & guitar talent. Thanks for the smiles today. 📚🎶 Christine

    • HI Christine. The song is very local. New Mexico is the Chile capital of the world. The Official question here is “Red or Green?” for which color chile you want on your food. You are never asked “Do you want chile?” on your food — it’s assumed. Singing is very difficult for me. I really have to work at it. Playing is a little easier, but it’s still difficult.

      • Thanks, Tim for the chili info! New Mexican food is colorful, hot & spicy, and my family loves it. 😊 Your video clearly showed your talent well. No indication of difficulty. See, that’s all that counts. No one would ever guess you found it difficult. Just having fun! So, just have fun entertaining us! 👍 Christine

      • Thanks, Christine. I have a video in the making that is quite colorful and funny (I hope).

  4. Hi Tim, no doubt you and Ron had fun working on “The Capsaicin Club”, it’s terrific, it’s hot!. I love chilies, how lucky you are to have them all year around. I’m looking forward to the video!

    • Hi Julie. What I’m doing to the guitar is a mystery that will unfold when I finish the video.

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