32 thoughts on “No Bone About It

    • Hi Tiffany. Spunk demands and gets much more attention. Beaker rings his bell for service, and we mostly give him whatever he wants.

  1. Hi Tim, Beaker is beautiful, his colors are so vibrant. Spunk doesn’t want to share the limelight with anyone. What a cat! Wishing you all a good evening!

    • Hi Resa. We have two birds, Beaker, the Gold Cap Conure in this post, and Søren, an African Grey Parrot. Most of our cats over the years learned to distinguish between the parrots, family birds they don’t hunt, and wild birds outside they hunt. Najar and Lola seem to know the difference, but the rest of the cats still eye Beaker and Søren as birds they can hunt.

      • Never a dull moment with cats playing and the Søren commenting in the background. Søren tells the cats to “Stop” when they are playing hard or fighting. He sings “Lola” by the Kinks. Imitates Silver’s whiney meow. Calls the cats by their names. Says “stupid cats” then laughs, and carries on with all kinds of chatter that has various cat names, yeahs, whats?, and phrases that we’ve either taught him or he’s made up on his own.

      • What a hectic life… but it sounds great!!
        (I know what you mean about cats playing hard…. going for the throat!)

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