22 thoughts on “A Busy Day

  1. Genie! No one works on my roof but me. I have a flat roof which is common in the Southwest. An air-professional wouldn’t bother with it, would take too long to schedule, and charge me way too much if I could get one to do it (I know from experience). Any young punk wouldn’t know where to step and could get hurt much more easily than me, so I would have to be up on the roof anyway to supervise young punks to keep them from damaging my roof and getting hurt. I’m ten times faster than any young punk at making repairs like I did. I was done so quickly Laurie didn’t realize I had changed out the motor on the cooler. You need to know the geography, common roof types in the area, and situation before you tell people what they should or should not do.

    • Oh, I live in Canada and it’s a rare sight to see a flat roof, and I know of too many people who have fallen off of roofs, sadly, a couple of people I know died that way.

      I was just worried about you, I see now that it was due to my not realizing that where you live the roofs are flat. I meant well, and was sincerely worried about you, Tim.

      • I understand your concern and appreciate you being worried, but you need not admonish when you don’t understand the circumstances.

  2. Tim, I should be so lucky that when I’m sick (and believe me, I know physical illness all too well), that someone kindly thinks of me and worries about me doing too much.

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