The Week: April 27th — May 3rd

Click here —> Photo of the Day, Etc to see the week of April 27th — May 3rd at a glance.

April 27th: Electrical work in the rain —

April 28th: Roses and Iris —

April 29th: l’orange —

April 30th: Tar Pot & Breakfast Burritos —

May 1st: Gopher holes, chupacabras and la Llorona —

May 2nd: More roses —

May 3rd: On guard —

8 thoughts on “The Week: April 27th — May 3rd

  1. I admit thinking about the electrical work in the rain freaked me out… but the pictures make a great documentary of it. (And you know i’m partial to anything with the feline crew.) Hugs. 😀

  2. I’m exhausted just looking at pictures of all the projects you’ve got on the go. Hope they all come together seiftly and without hitches.

    I loved the photos of the flowers in night light.

    Have a good week.

    • Thanks, Julia! We just got rained out in the middle of running conduit and wire to hook up the air-conditioners on the roof. It goes for months on end with no rain here, but we get rain when we are doing all this work.

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