The Week: May 4th — 10th

Click here —> Photo of the Day, Etc to see the week of May 4th — 10th at a glance.

May 4th: Bullfrog —

May 5th: Rainbow  —

May 6th: Flycatcher —

May 7th: Wet Iris —

May 8th: Night Shift —

May 9th: Can there be humor in a root canal? —

May 10th: On the dark side of Iris —

18 thoughts on “The Week: May 4th — 10th

      • Thank goodness. roof repairs are such an ordeal. Definitely a good week ahead.
        By the way… I seem to be back in the running for a job in Flagstaff (from back in February). They emailed asking if i was still interested. Presumably the person they hired/meant it to be for either quit or didn’t pass the background check. But that’s how i got my current job. They hired a guy who was contracting there; he failed the background check (and because of that lost his contract job too), and they didn’t want to take the months required to re-advertise the job. I’d settle for not being first choice. But they haven’t called for an interview…

  1. I know I should just go the other website, but I still find it great when you post all links here. Just took a look in everything and said something about my favourites of the week. Those black iris are amazing!!

  2. I’ve left individual comments on this week’s photos- all of them stunners! I won’t get notified of any responses, however. I’m so glad you do the wordpress weekly round-up. Hope all is well with you.

    • Thanks, Julia! I really appreciate you taking the time to go to the blog and commenting on the photos.

      The frog is one of my current favorites too. The frog was a great model and the conditions were perfect with him hanging on in the current.

      If you planted black iris in northern England, they would be truly black as compared to our sun-bleached purple iris with black edges.

      We had a few warm days while I had the air-conditioner down in the server room, but now that the air in the server room is back in operation and we got the rest of our air-conditioners going, it’s turned cold again. Things are truly against us!

      • I’ll have to look out for some of those black irises – I don’t think I’ve ever seen them.

      • If there are any iris clubs in your area, members would know how to get them. We got our fancy iris, including the black iris, from the Albuquerque Iris Club’s annual sale. Club members sell extra bulbs they have after they divided bulbs. When we did an electrical upgrade in November 2012, I had to dig up a bunch of iris where they had to dig trenches to run new wire. I divided the bulbs and planted half in the original garden, and the other half on a border of one of our rose gardens. Two and a half years later, we are getting really nice blooms from all the iris.

  3. Excellent gallery, as always… The flowers are spectacular!…Thanks for sharing, dear Timonthy! 🙂
    All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

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