The Eve Of Construction: A Groundbreaking Experience


Over two years ago they said “Give up your parking spaces, a grocery store is at hand!” And the city took out the bumpers, fenced the lot, and the lot sat empty. And yet no grocery store. A year went by, and they used it for a staging area to finish the multi-colored apartments across the street. And yet no grocery store. With the apartments finished, the fences came down, “No Parking” signs went up, and yet no grocery store. People started parking on the periphery and then in the still empty lot. And yet no grocery store. The “No Parking” signs disappeared, more parked cars, movie studios set up staging one day and disappear the next. Another year gone by, and yet no grocery store. Then came Monday’s announcement of the ground breaking for the new grocery store on Tuesday. Yesterday was gloomy and cold as the people gathered and the politicians and business representatives gave their speeches. Shovels ready, cameras rolling, the grocery store is at hand. Hooray! Let the destruction begin.

The tree is down and the apartments are finished. A similar day as yesterday in the lot behind the office over a year ago.




The Mayor in the middle.



Liz celebrating the apocryphal news of the grocery store almost three years ago.





16 thoughts on “The Eve Of Construction: A Groundbreaking Experience

    • Thanks, Susan! We’ll see how long the construction takes. They were saying a year. I remembered I had that photo of Liz from 2012. She really wanted that photo, and we had to work to get it.

  1. Yes…all is true – but be very very glad you were not the developer who had to withstand the same delays…and be glad that the developers had the patience and staying power to see it through…with money on the table…and things discovered that delayed the process one after another…below and above ground…HOORAY for the ground-breaking – we might have some vitality infused into the hood at last!!! 🙂

    • We’ll see. There’s an awful lot of vacant space in downtown, and there are a lot of places that could house a grocery store — the lobby of the Simms building, for example, it’s been vacant for years. Or the space at the NE corner of 2nd and Gold — vacant. The old Kress building on Central. It’s been vacant and for lease for years, as well.

  2. Hope construction goes quickly. They shut down a bunch of low income apt buildings here where the working poor lived and sold th property to a developer and he went bank rupt half way through. Now the buildings sit half torn down, decaying and empty. And people are homeless now because they can not afford the more expensive rentals.

  3. Pictures really do tell stories and it would appear this one is far from finished. Looking forward to further installments.

  4. The grocery store project sounds like the townhome and strip mall projects we had around here. The townhomes were never built; the strip mall was downsized to a gas station/convenience store.

    • Thanks, David. This project, as currently planned, will take up half a block, and be 3 or 4 stories with mixed use, residential, retail and the 12,000 SF grocery store. It will be built because the city and county have put a bunch of money into the project.

  5. This is so funny, at some point i was saying along with you- no grocery store, no grocery store, no grocery store, then it was yayyyy grocery store lol LOVE the picture of Liz.

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