Easter Morning


I got a nice drive-by sky on the way to the Shrine of the Little Flower, St. Thérèse and the Infant Jesus Catholic Church for Easter service Easter Morning. While we were in France last summer we went to various Catholic Churches in Provence and Paris and really liked the French services. We went to a service at St. Thérèse in early March that Suzette sang in, and we liked the church.  St. Thérèse was French, the church has stained glass from France, and Reverend Chavez lived and worked for many years in Europe, so there is a “French Connection” at St. Thérèse that we liked. The 10:00 am service was packed (standing room only), the sermon was fantastic and the music (guitar accompinament) was very good.





7 thoughts on “Easter Morning

  1. I go to an Anglican church but last night (Easter Sunday) we had an adult baptism by total immersion – 3 lovely young women who are sisters. It was very moving, as is your picture of the sky. Easter hope and joy …

  2. I am remiss for not commenting more…you have so many wonderful shots here…I was gone for 2 weeks (in Tucson we slept through the red moon) and racing now to get caught-up!! So come talk to me about your mugs – I have so many ideas…P.

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