Carousel in Arles


I was reminded that I had photographed carousels in France last year while looking at West517’s post Carousel Magique today. She asked if I had posted any of the photos of carousels. I couldn’t remember, and when I went back and looked, I hadn’t even processed these photos of a carousel in Arles. I found this carousel particularly interesting for both the variety of objects and animals, and how they depict the local cultural events and natural and historical interests of the area. The same day I took these photos, I also got photos of Roman ruins in Arles and wild flamingos on the Rhône Delta.





16 thoughts on “Carousel in Arles

  1. Wonderful! I spent a summer at the University of Montpellier when I did my degree in French, many years ago. Your photographs transported me back to that time and place!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and the scrolling, ornate details~ not to mention the teacup! Just lovely… tell me you rode it!! LOL (I love the first shot with the flamingos!)

    • Sorry. I didn’t ride it. I think they operated it in the evenings, and I was down on the delta photographing flamingos, and then driving bak to Aix-enProvence when they would have been running it. I would have liked to have gotten photos of it in action.

      • Well they are beautiful ~ much better than mine!! 🙂 Just wondering did you post other photos from your trip?

      • Thanks! My photos are not at all better than your photos. Mine are more documentary, yours are more art. It’s how we saw the carrousels in the moment, our particular situations, points-of-view and what we wanted to say. Each set stands on their own. Your carrousel photos are great. And are good enough that they reminded me of the carrousels I photographed in France. My wife didn’t remember that carrousel, even though she walked right by it.

        I posted daily blogs from France from May 12, 2013 through June 11, 2013.It’s easy to get to them by choosing the month and year on the right hand column of my blog. I’ve posted various photos from our trip since then, but the bulk of them are the daily photos in May and June.

  3. Fantastic–the detail is amazing–from cars to a teacup to animals. Thanks for sharing.

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