France Day 16 Chateau d’If


Our last day in Provence, and the sea was calm enough for us to get a boat out to Chateau d’If, the island castle turned prison that was made famous by Alexandre Dumas in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The most famous prisoner on Chateau d’If was Edmond Dantes, Dumas’ fictional character who was wrongly imprisoned on d’If for 14 years, and who meets the Abbe Faria after Faria digs a tunnel into Dantes’ chamber. Faria educates Dantes, Dantes escapes posing as the dead Faria, and becomes the Count of Monte Cristo. Even though Dantes and the Abbe never existed, there is a tunnel adjoining two chambers that are labeled Abbe Faria and Edmond Dantes. The castle is in great condition with access to almost every room. In some of the rooms they have sound effects to give added ambience. There are lots of seagulls nesting on the island, and ignoring the signs saying that seagulls are dangerous, I got very close to one that sitting on her eggs. She was very vocal about my close proximity, but simply held her ground.










15 thoughts on “France Day 16 Chateau d’If

  1. I really love castles!!! We have a very old castle in our neighbourhood too, it’s called ‘Slot Loevestein’. Maybe when you’re in the area you should go and see this one some day… 😉
    I believe they are great photos, but because I damaged my computer screen and the sun is shining on it, I can’t see them very well. I take another look this evening… 😉

      • I just read that you are back in Paris now, and that the weather is still chilly. I’m looking forward to ‘more Paris’ on your trip. 🙂

      • Got in this afternoon. It was raining when we left Aix en Provence, rained all the way to Paris, and was raining hard on our walk from the metro to the apartment. I will be posting photos on tomorrow’s blog.

    • We spent 5 weeks in France in 2013. We almost didn’t make it to Chateau d’If. The day we were originally going to go to it the Mistral winds set in and they closed it. The Mistral winds blew for like 4 days. The last day we were in Provence we got to the Island. We would have been pretty bummed if we hadn’t gone. It was so much fun, we spend almost the whole day on the island.

      • That is seriously the coolest thing that you went there! I’ve seen the movie so many times and every time feels like the first time. Before seeing ‘Count of Monte Cristo’, my favorite was ‘Last of the Mohicans’. I’m not sure anything can beat that for me! I can’t wait to pick up the book. Who knows maybe one day i’ll go to Chateau D’if’ like you! soooo cool..

      • Thanks, Miz Shaaz! Set your sights on it and you can get there. It’s really worth it. Provence is really great, but if you go to France, make sure you have a couple of weeks to spend in Paris — you really need 6 months to a year in Paris just to get through everything in the Louvre, but you can still do a lot in a couple of weeks.

        Also, despite what a lot of people say about snooty and rude Parisians, we found the French to be very pleasant and friendly people. They were very polite, while Laurie and I noticed, as Americans, we are really quite rude. We had to check ourselves all the time, and apologize a lot for our inadvertent rudeness.

        Have you read “The Last of the Mohicans”? It’s a really great book, as well. You have as great a taste in literature by your favorite movies as you do in the fashions you put together.

      • So true about checking our selves! We put out a certain attitude and expect people to treat us with the utmost respect! I’ve been dying to go to Paris! i recently made my room a Paris theme(like that’s gonna get me there faster). I’ll make sure i have at least two weeks so i can see more of France like you suggested.There’s so much to see as i went through your trip on your blog, OMG the bar just got raised lol. I haven’t read ‘Last of the Mohicans either’ but i’m going to add it to my list as well. And Thanks! most people i know have never heard of these movies. In-fact people look at me like i’m from another planet when i list my favorite movies lol. It’s nice to know i’m normal:)

      • I would not say you were normal normal, as your fantastic sense of fashion makes you quite unique, but yes you are normal for people who like the finer side of art, literature and fashion.

      • BTW You would love the street fashion in Paris and you would fit right in. Maybe you could get a grant to do a fashion crawl in Paris and then do a series about it on your blog. And if you need a photographer and fashion assistant, Laurie and I would be more than happy to be of service. 😉

      • Oh My that sounds so cool!! what a delightful thought and idea! i can only imagine being able to do something like that. So nice to fit me in with Paris fashion WOW! my cheeks are hurting from smiling, i’m so inspired right now, thanks for that. 🙂

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