Dinner with Daddy Longlegs

We got home really late again tonight, so I ate dinner with this Daddy Longlegs while I prepared photos. This Harvester spun its web next to my computer and had caught one of the flying ants that’s been pestering us. I would like to see the spiders catching and eating many more of those pesky little sugar ants.

Laurie rode into UNM with me this morning, therefore, the cats had to stay inside. Puck complained at me all morning about not getting to go out, and not long before we walked out the door, he was laying on the window sill contemplating a vase. I don’t know what he was thinking, but I’m happy to report the vase is unbroken and in the same place as when we left this morning.

I’ve been getting home so late every night this week that I hadn’t been able to get by PetsMart before they closed to get cat food. I scraped out the last few kernels of food from the cat food storage bin this morning, and managed to fill their bowl about 2/3 of what I normally fill it. Fortunately, I got off early enough tonight to pick up Laurie, and drop by PetsMart before they closed. When we got home, the cats’ food bowl was completely empty. We would have had really unhappy cats if I had come home without food after they had to stay inside all day (they go outside into the catio, but that’s still constraining their freedom, so they are still “inside” as far as they’re concerned). When I came out of PetsMart tonight, the parking lot clouds were quite nice.