Moonlight at Midnight


I went out around midnight to move the hose to a different drip system, and noticed the moon was really beautiful shining through the thin layer of clouds. I got Laurie and we sat out on our star gazing chairs and looked at the moon and the few stars we could see peaking though the clouds outside the bright glow of the moon. I noticed the moon was bright enough to light up clouds to the north and actually back light the spider lilies next to where I was laying.

I used the holiday to repair one of the drip systems, take apart a couple of old metal desks and an ancient cast iron table saw that were in the shed; then I picked up other scrap metal around the yard, and loaded desks, saw and scrap metal in the truck so I can take it to the scrap metal place tomorrow morning. I also finished removing the aluminum roofing off the big house, and took apart some old solar panels so I can haul them off to recycling with the aluminum roofing tomorrow after I haul off the scrap metal. After I got the roofing stacked up and secured so the wind wouldn’t blow it around (it was 2:30 pm or so by then), I went for a 10 mile ride on my bike, showered after my bike ride, then made a salad and grilled steaks and fancy sausages for dinner. Laurie made fancy biscuits to go with dinner, and chocolate pudding for desert. We listened to the City’s firework show, and got up occasionally to watch some of the sprays of color glitter through the trees.