Bella Dona


This lovely young woman was simply adorable in her flapper-style hat— she and her friend make a handsome couple, as well. They were standing outside the sanctuary at Central United Methodist Church after the service this morning chatting with another person, when Laurie told me I should get a photo of her. As a pesky photographer, I interrupted their conversation and asked the young woman to pose and then had her friend join her. They seemed quite amused by the old guy with the camera.

When I went on a ride this afternoon, I met another rider at the top of our road who was also doing a lap around Corrales. The rider turned out to be Dr. Reiger, who is a veterinarian at North Valley Animal Clinic on Alameda. He lives south of us so he was using the north/south portion of Price Ln to get to Dixon Rd.  While we were chatting, I asked him about the rattlesnake vaccine they are advertising on the clinic’s marquee. It’s not for rattlesnakes, which is a good thing, since catching rattlesnakes to get them vaccinated would be quite dangerous.  The vaccine is for dogs, and it helps them build up antibodies to rattlesnake venom. When it comes to critters like rattlesnakes and porcupines, most dogs don’t have enough sense to just leave them alone.