Remember Me Between Dawn & Dusk


Today’s title is quite literal.

I threw out my back first thing this morning picking up Stretch from under the table to waterboard him. I hobbled around most of the day and was showing a bit of improvement  by early afternoon when a truck driver called to tell me he was in the alley with a delivery for me. The delivery was a new 60″ x 25″ x 2″ solid maple top for the outdoor kitchen. Since it weighs 63 pounds, it was delivered by freight. So much for my back getting better between wrestling the top off the truck and into the office (you have to pay a lot extra for the driver to get it any further then the end of the trailer), then into the car, and then into the house. At least Laurie helped me get it into the house. The top is beautiful. Basically a giant butcher block.  I replaced some open shelves with an oak cabinet in the outdoor kitchen a couple of weeks ago. The maple top is replacing a short piece of an old elevator door I had on the shelves. The elevator door is a nice, solid brushed stainless surface, but it is nether wide enough nor long enough to cover the cabinet and the refrigerator. The maple top will also go better with the oak cabinet.

The carne adovada is wonderful, but I think I’m going to add a little more red chile. Since I doubled the carne, I was curious to see if the chile marinade would be enough spice and liquid, but I believe it’s not quite enough by itself.